History of the Webinar

Some of the same critiques of traditional webinars raised in this article can also apply to the virtual meeting and classroom space. It’s becoming apparent that the 3 traits highlighted are more important than ever. What are you doing to make your online lessons or virtual meetings more Distinctive, Connective, and Engaging?

10 Best Practices for Online Learning

Check out these 10 Best Practices for Online Learning courtesy of eCampus News : 1. Prepare links to your materials and share with your students in advance. 2. Utilize a small group feature to get folks talking and engaging during class. 3. Use technology to see and respond to student thinking. 4. Pre-plan complex directions in … Read more

Reimagining the Spring Semester?

We really liked how this Inside Higher Ed article about how Colleges Should Reimagine the Spring Semester  shifts the discussion from managing and coping with the virtual learning model to thriving with it. Outside the box thinking is required now more than ever, and teachers and institutions are looking for solutions to help their students. “We know from … Read more

Happy Hour!

Happy New Year!

As employees return from the holidays to their everyday (virtual) work routines, maintaining a positive culture will be key to team productivity and employee satisfaction in the coming months.

Does your team need a break? Below are some interesting ideas for team building activities and virtual happy hours for the workplace. My favorites are #4 (Trivia), #13 (Icebreakers), and #15 (Scavenger Hunt). 

If you’re a Manager looking to give your team a break from the everyday Zoom meeting routine, check out the link below for some new options! 

Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

Thank You Teachers!

As 2020 draws to a close, we wanted to take a quick moment to recognize Teachers around the world. This year has brought unimaginable challenges, but also reminded us how important and heroic everyday people (teachers, nurses, grocery workers, the list goes on…) can be when they are needed most.  This excerpt from the below … Read more