Thank You Teachers!

As 2020 draws to a close, we wanted to take a quick moment to recognize Teachers around the world. This year has brought unimaginable challenges, but also reminded us how important and heroic everyday people (teachers, nurses, grocery workers, the list goes on…) can be when they are needed most. 

This excerpt from the below article sums it up nicely: 

“We recognize that you are spending countless hours collaborating and planning with your colleagues. We see the 12-hour days and the evening and weekend meetings. We share your concern for students who struggle with broadband connectivity during an online class—or with connecting at all. We know you are probably worried about making mistakes, which are inevitable right now. We understand the challenge for you to learn and relearn new curricula, programs, and assessment approaches. All this while you are still expected to be fully present, even through a screen.”

Education Week: Teachers Are Our Country’s Greatest Hope Right Now

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